Winter Bass Fishing Aided By Electronics Savvy



Late fall has many outdoorsmen hunting big game or chasing those little, feathered desert rockets -- the gambels quail. With the emphasis being hunting, the desert lakes have far less boat traffic than normal, which creates a very serene atmosphere for the fisherman. The weather has been ideal for day trips to Roosevelt or Apache Lake, and the bass have been very cooperative in both lakes, so why don't you make that trip south?

Most bass fishermen make the 40-minute trip to Cholla boat launch on Roosevelt and are fishing within five minutes. If you are planning a late fall or winter bass fishing trip, keep in mind this valuable tip, which will increase your chances of boating more fish:

Good electronics are a must, and the technology is improving every year with new features. Graph prices can vary from the low end of about $200 and can top out at $2000 for some of the most advanced. Names that are proven in this field are Lowrance, Garmin and Humminbird.

When viewing your graph, you should be looking for clouds or tight bunches of shad on the screen. The depth can vary, so once shad have been found, usually bass will be close by, ready to ambush their next meal. The bass will appear to be arches near the baitfish, or will show as streaks on the screen if they are actively feeding.

To recognize this scenario on your graph, a fisherman has to know his electronics. What this means for you, the fisherman, is that you have to be on the water reading your graph and practicing by using the various settings. This all takes time, and what better way than to spend a pleasant, 70-degree, sunny day on Roosevelt Lake? If you want to know if the fish are biting, stop by the Tackle Box one mile south of Punkin Center to get the latest fishing forecast from one of the pros. The fishing hotline is only a call away at (928) 479-2108 or cell (928) 978-3500 for the most up-to-the-minute conditions. This Thanksgiving weekend take someone fishing and enjoy God's creation.

Next week: The techniques and baits for winter bass fishing.

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