Accounting Firm Helps Business Owners


Certified Public Accountant William Schultz and Alisa Eschliman have formed Professional Accounting Resources (PAR) to offer full-service bookkeeping to business owners and managers.

"The No. 1 reason small businesses go out of business is bad bookkeeping," said Schultz.


Alisa Eschliman of Professional Accounting Resources helps business owners with their accounting needs so they can go and do what they are best at.

PAR's individualized approach enables the company to determine the bookkeeping demands of a business, whether established or new, and provide affordable accounting solutions, he said.

Schultz brings more than 30 years of accounting and financial management experience to the company. Eschliman has been keeping the books for small companies for 15 years.

"I've done books for a machine shop, manufacturing, construction, medical consulting, an artist and a trucking company," said Eschliman.

She started out providing bookkeeping services for one small business while she was obtaining her bachelor of science in justice studies at Arizona State University.

She found she liked bookkeeping better than the career path she had chosen, so switched majors.

That was many ledgers ago.

"Being organized is a necessity," Eschliman said. "It is fulfilling for me to get a company's business records organized."

Both say they "fully understand the demand for time and efficiency in the business environment." It is the reason they chose QuickBooks Professional as their professional accounting software.

It is a solid platform and offers a unique way for customers to do as little or as much of their own bookkeeping as they want to, Schultz said. It allows them to do ad hoc accounting reports, meaning they can analyze any data the customer would like and prepare a paper report or make a presentation.

PAR can provide services at the customer's location or the customer can access the business' QuickBooks information on PAR's secure servers.

"We do the usual taxes associated with the business cycle," said Schultz. These include monthly sales tax reports and quarterly payroll tax reports.

"(Payroll taxes are) a big one for businesses," Eschliman added. "Even if you have just one employee, you still have to fill out all these forms and it can be a hassle for business owners."

Worker's compensation reports can be quarterly or annual.

"Each business is different, if you have employees, you have quite a few more reports to do," she said.

The biggest challenges, Eschliman said, often come around October -- when a client hands her a basket of everything from the whole year.

"It happens often," she said.

Months go by and before a business owner knows it, they've got a high stack of papers on their desk that must be taken care of, she said. Maybe they don't know what their checking account balance is, or they know their payments are overdue and they just say, ‘Here. I need help,' she explained.

Every business has to go to the income tax accountant at the end of the year and oftentimes, if a business owner isn't able to get their information compiled for the accountant in a manageable form, it can cost them enormously in money and time.

Accounting fees vary based on individual business needs.

We are available for long-term monthly work or short-term projects, Schultz said. Once we understand what a business does and needs, we can offer clients a fixed fee structure so they can go and do whatever it is their business does best, Schultz said.

Business owners can determine when they need the services of an accountant or bookkeeper, such as when the business is growing and they become busy with customers and the paperwork becomes more than they can handle by themselves.

Services offered include: general ledger entry, bank and credit card reconciliation, financial statements and reports, payroll, accounts payable and receivable and Quickbooks Pro set up and maintenance.

Eschliman would like first-time customers to contact her by telephone at (928) 474-3449, and then she can talk to them about their needs and how their business is set up. Even if business owners are "just curious" and wondering if they need bookkeeping help, Eschliman said she is glad to talk to them.

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