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I apologize if I offended you, Mr. Marquardt and I stand corrected for referring to a 10mm pistol as a cannon. What makes me refer to it, as a cannon is the hollow point bullets it was loaded with. In my humble opinion they both are designed to blow a hole through their target.

I'm happy to hear you don't teach your students to shoot to kill, or as I stated, they will own you. I admit I was paraphrasing. What Mr. Fish testified to the Grand Jury was, that he was taught by his firearm instructors not to fire warning shots at human beings, and had he only wounded Kuenzli, he would face legal problems.

Oh yes, when Mr. Fish was asked by a grand juror if he had shot Mr. Kuenzli, he responded, yes. He was then asked if he intended to kill Kuenzli. His answer was again, yes.

What I glean from those statements is that he would never leave a man wounded, he would finish him off and in my opinion that's what he did.

I have spoken to several individuals who have taken self-defense courses and most agree there is an unspoken defense. I'll paraphrase once again because I have heard many versions of the same example.

"If a burglar breaks your window and you shoot him, be sure to drag his body inside and put a knife in his hand to insure your actions are made in self defense" and perhaps, you won't face legal problems.

This is an opinion page and if your opinion is not the same as mine, I will defend your right to that opinion.

Mr. Fish also lied to the Grand Jury when he stated he was a law-abiding citizen. On two separate occasions he threatened neighbors. On one of those occasions, he approached Gary Peller at his front door armed with a gun in his waist belt because Mr. Peller's son threw cigarette butts into Fish's yard (whose mental capacity should be in question? Kuenzli's, I don't think so!).

Bye the way, Mr. Marquardt, how many of your students have shot and killed an unarmed man? Perhaps, you can share those experiences with the readers.

John J. McCauley, Payson

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