Yankees Are Hypocrites



Well once again the Yankees have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt, they are hypocrites. They preach tolerance, but don't show it. They tell us we must accept those who are different, but they will not accept those of us who fly the Confederate Flag. They demand that we be more open minded about diversity, but they remain closed minded about us Confederates. Is it any wonder there is animosity here? I have been told by other Confederates here in Payson, they can't join my party or fly their Confederate flags for fear of being fired or discriminated against. Is this the vaunted tolerance that is being preached to me and other Confederates?

I guess discrimination is legal, for it is being done every single day against those who are Confederates. If the Yankees can discriminate against me and the other Confederates, we can discriminate against people because they are different. That means if I don't like someone because they have a different political view, or they look different from me I can discriminate against them.

I want to thank all the Yankees in the state of Arizona for setting me straight; discrimination is legal and is allowed.

Charles Goodson, Chairman, Southern Parties of the Southwest

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