Getting Rid Of 600 Cats Makes A Difference



Is Payson Friends of Ferals' math flawed? If you take 600 cats (feral or stray) trap, neuter or spay them and then return them to the community you still have 600 "free roaming predators."

From my veterinarian experience, spaying or neutering does not eliminate a cat's "need" for the use of a "litter box," if you know what I mean.

Where do these (TNR) animals go to "relieve themselves" for us to smell or step in? In our landscaping, granite driveways, under apartment stairways, flower beds, gardens and maybe even a child's sand box or two? In that context, 600 less cats would make a huge difference.

Ear tipping doesn't help the problem much either!

W. H. Meyer, Payson

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