Growth, Water. Greed, Ignorance.



Reading Tuesday's letters, I am inclined to sputter: "What is going on here?"

People are writing as if this is the first time that water and growth problems have ever been an issue. Where have you folks been all these many years?

Paul Brandenburg says in effect that people like us -- retired people -- living here in Payson make no contribution to local business. Would Mr. B care to have a look at our banking accounts and our medical bills and see where we spend our money? Incidentally, the fact that Wal-Mart has hijacked most of the retail business is a nationwide problem, not one confined to Payson.

Water scarcity should not ever be used as a mechanism to control growth. Anyone who wishes to live in Payson has a right to do so. With that right comes a duty, which is to do no harm. That duty includes the duty to provide all the water he requires by "legal" means, a tricky concept at best. The "tricky" can be taken out of "legal" by requiring that the means be moral as well as "legal," an idea not too popular among some in Payson.

Anyone willing, in effect, to supply his own water must never be denied the right to dwell (or even golf) in Payson.

It is possible now to make dramatic cuts in water usage, with even more dramatic cuts possible on the horizon: we actually have plenty of water for a long time ahead, if we will just make the effort to learn to use it as something other than a worthless throw-away commodity: I know that is asking a lot of some folks.

The town has absolutely no duty to supply good, cheap water on demand to anyone once the current supply is fully apportioned -- and the "cheap" part will disappear in time.

Potable water from any source should never be poured onto any golf course -- Golfers: bring your own legal/moral water. Do not use well water or even recyclable effluent from the town: that water is ours and is not for the grass.

I repeat, water scarcity should never be used as a lever to control growth.

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Payson

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