Payson Care Center Does It Right



As a resident of the Rim Country since 1977 when my husband retired and we moved to Pine, I have watched the town of Payson and the communities of Pine and Strawberry grow -- Payson from 4,000 to more than 15,000. I have actively participated in community activities. I wrote weekly news and columns on Strawberry School, Pine Fire Department, hospital auxiliary, the governor, etc. I actively participated in the Pine Clinic, school band, teaching first aid via community college and fire department, and the Rim fire watchers.

I have been active in the teaching of N.A. classes and have worked with the chambers of commerce and in the local care facilities until 1991, when I moved to Payson from Pine. Thusly, I was able to acquire first-hand knowledge of the wonderful people in these small communities.

I have since undergone many sad, drastic changes in my life. I lost my beloved brother at age 96 1/2, had two severe surgeries, lost my husband Bill, and even my beloved dog Sam. I recently had major surgery with the replacement of my right shoulder.

During all these hardships, besides the love and support of my local friends, there was one institution and its staff that made my life more bearable. When I broke my foot at work, I transferred myself and my beloved brother (an Alzheimer's patient) to a facility I knew and have worked at -- the Payson Care Center. On Sept. 24, that facility celebrated 20 years of service to this community. I am now, as I have been since my surgery in August, at that facility.

I have observed while working there the excellent care the facility provides for the residents. The nursing staff is caring, loving and well-trained, as are the LPs, CNAs, the corporate staff, Don, the admitting officer, and all the rest of the well-trained personnel. We are mostly a town of retired people. In many cases, like myself, we will have to come here for care.

I feel that at age 81, having spent 55 years in the nursing profession as a charge R.N. and in four Who's Who books, that I can judge. I wish, most sincerely to congratulate this facility and the lovely staff. I am writing this to remind the rest of the Rim Country people to join me in recognizing the terrific and needed service this institution provides.

Joan Lasys, Payson

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