Stray Cat Or Feral Cat?



We were very sorry to hear about Mr. Larry Lantagne's nasty run-in with a stray or feral cat.

It is important to understand that feral cats are wild and if they are left in the area un-neutered they can be dangerous. After spay or neutering, they become more docile but seldom become tame or friendly. It is best to keep your distance and do not corner or aggravate them.

There are thousands of feral cats in this area, and with a successful program of "Trap, Neuter and Release" the feral cat population can be slowly brought down to more believable numbers.

If you have an over abundance of these cats in your area, please contact the Payson Friends of Ferals at (928) 468-1143. If the cats are aggressive or sickly, contact the Payson Humane Society at (928) 474-5590.

Tim Bradley, Payson Friends of Ferals

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