Town Already Out Of Water



There has been much to-do in the state and local newspapers about Payson's water situation (development vs. growth).

It does not take a rocket scientist to see this situation. There are many, many vacant lots that are being developed on, or will be in the future. They are all potential water users. In fact, if all these vacant lots were suddenly developed, we would be out of water like pronto. A drive around town will confirm this; then you throw in all the commercial property being developed and we have a problem. Then, you throw in Horton's three large tracts, and the ship sinks, even with Star Valley's water. The remaining lots and former tract lots should be developed and/or at least calculated as water users.

If your town officials insist on approving the Horton insanity, then I believe the only course is to recall the council members and fire those three or four civil officials who are behind most of this nonsense.

For one thing, I don't know of any town of this size that has a full-time hydrologist at $82,000 per year. I can't see where this position has produced a single bucket of water.

I have one last suggestion. Horton and company should take the lead with other developers and fund, or partially fund, a pipeline to Blue Ridge Reservoir.

Ed Welge, Payson

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