Chilly Mornings Greet Village Residents



We are already in the first week of October -- the stocking of Tonto Creek has ended; the first wave of frost has hit my tomatoes; and the leaves are starting to put on their best show of colors in Tonto Village. The early morning and the evenings are a bit chilly, but just great for walking.

Please go by the back lot of the fire station and see how much work has been done to clean up the lot. It was a fine effort by Gayle and Nick Fitch and all of the firemen who worked so hard. Matt Butler and Tony Bryan should also get a thank-you for helping to refine the cleanup. They are taking part of their fall break from school to help with the rest of the cleanup of the back lot. Thank you, fellows.

Controlled burn areas

According to the Payson Ranger District and the U.S. Forest Service, a controlled burn is being conducted this week from Ellison Creek Summer Homes and will include Diamond Point Summer Homes, Washington Park, Whispering Pines and eventually Tonto Village. If you have any questions, please contact the local Payson Ranger Station. The telephone number is (928) 474-7900.

Fire Board Meeting

The regular monthly fire board meeting will be this Saturday, Oct. 8 at the fire station, starting at 10 a.m. The meeting is always open to the public. Come and find out how your tax dollars are being spent.

Bear Flat

Dara Sutton composes a newsletter for the residents of this small community, and it is posted on a community bulletin board. The statistics are very interesting. Dara keeps a record of precipitation and temperature readings for each month. According to the September readings, the precipitation for September was .21 inches. According to her records, the moisture is two-and-a-half inches behind last year for August and September. The average low temperature in October has been 36 degrees and the average high has been 70 degrees. It is time to watch the frost-tender plants in Bear Flat.

This area is really beautiful. Does anyone out there know how Bear Flat came into existence? Give me a call at (928) 478-4575.

Pool Cues

As the Double D nine-ball gals congregated at the Landmark in Christopher Creek this past Tuesday, Phyllis Ballard met them. Phyllis recently moved to Oklahoma, but returned to the area for unfinished business. Phyllis was a pool player for many years with the group, so everyone was happy to see her and to hear of her new home. Ethel Cain, Lorraine Mathews and Jessica Shill shot for first, second and third places.

Mark Jordan, a visitor from the Valley; Betty Koutz and Michael Bryan were the winners of the Sunday afternoon eight-ball tournament held at the Double D. Where was Cliff Landrum? Did he scratch?

Tonto Village Chapel

The community room continues to be an active place for the residents of the village. On Saturdays, the Youth Group of the Church gathers for a few hours starting at 11 a.m. On Wednesday afternoons, starting at 1 p.m., the Domino Divas take over. There will be a luncheon potluck this coming Sunday, Oct. 9, after church services. The service starts at 9 a.m.


Oliver Lewison, son of Kendra and Thomas Lewison of Tonto Village II, celebrated his 16th birthday a few weeks ago in a grand way. Oliver's parents surprised him with a new silver truck.

Chorie Houdek, daughter of William and Trina Houdek, also reached a milestone celebrating her 18th birthday last week. Chorie also received a new vehicle.


Doug Paul's father passed away last week in Minnesota. He and Lorraine Mathews traveled to Doug's hometown for the funeral.

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