'Engine' Has Failed Several Businesses



According to some town officials, Main Street is the economic engine for the town of Payson. The following businesses were once located on Main Street, but they apparently did not fully grasp the "economic engine" concept: Yellow Front, Wilson's Market, Bowling Alley, Skating Rink, Hammond Lumber, Heritage House, The Oaks, Payson Refuse, Payson Welding, Le Suer Clothier, J.C. Penny's, and several others whose names escape me.

It occurs to me that McDonald's is building at the same old location, but if they would relocate to Main Street it would be less expensive. I suggest that a town official contact the owner of McDonald's and explain the "economic engine" theory to them. Once they fully understand the concept, they might very well relocate right across the street from the new fire department building.

Ed Taves, Payson

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