Leave Wild Cats Alone And They'll Leave You Alone



I have feral cats living behind my house. These are wild cats but they are just like any other cats except they won't let you pet them. For the most part, they won't let anyone touch them. I was very friendly with one of them once, but it took me about two weeks to get him to finally let me pet him. Even then, he would only let me pet him a little bit and then he would run away. But that's the only one that has ever let me touch him. So I leave them alone.

I know someone who tried to pick up a feral cat after cornering it next to a fence. It scratched her arms, so she kicked it away. Then it came back and launched an attack at her, biting her on the leg. It was similar to the incident with the Payson man on the front page of last Friday's Roundup, except that man said he didn't try to pick up the cat.

I think it's important to remember that unless you try to catch them or pick them up, the feral cats really don't bother anybody. They just lie around the back yard in the sunlight and watch the world go by -- just like normal cats. But if you try to pick them up, they'll run -- or they'll scratch you before they run. They are afraid of humans.

I give them food and water everyday because they don't hurt anybody. Even as a kid, I was around wild cats like these and they never harmed anyone if you just left them alone.

My opinion is that it's OK to release them back into the wild after being neutered or spayed. The trap neuter release program is a wonderful program. It doesn't make any sense to me to kill them.

It's that simple. People should not be afraid of them. Just leave them alone and they'll leave you alone.

Guadalupe Pratt, Star Valley

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