Payson's Jewel -- Green Valley Park



The mornings are crisp and the rest of the days very comfortable. What can you do in the outdoors in Rim Country in the fall to enjoy this near-perfect climate? I am sure many of you, as newcomers to the area want to get familiar with your new community. Well, here is an opportunity in the outdoors for the month of October.

Within the city limits of Payson, we have one of the most picturesque urban lakes in the state of Arizona called Green Valley Lake. The walking trail around the lake is .6 of a mile and offers safe exercise for the citizens of the community. As you walk, you can view the fall migratory duck population that uses Green Valley Lake as a stopover on their journey to Mexico.


Fishing is a huge attraction at Green Valley Park during the fall months when the lake is stocked regularly with catchable-size trout.

The early birds coming through now, are various types of teal, blue-wing, green-wing, and cinnamon ducks as well as pintails. The best way to identify these ducks would be to have a pair of field glasses and a book with photos of various species. There is something special about watching ducks fly in and out on a body of water in the fall, and realizing this is part of their very long journey from all points north to the far south in Mexico.

On some days later in the fall, you might be able to view our national symbol, the bald eagle that often winters in the Payson area.

When you are at Green Valley Park, it would be well worth your time to visit our local Rim Country Museum on the north side of the lake. The roots of our town of Payson go back well over 100 years and a number of our pioneer families still reside in the area. This museum captures the true flavor of our rich history in the ranching and timber industry. The Rim Country Museum has visiting hours and is open five days a week. You don't want to miss showing your friends and relatives the heritage of our area.

What is Green Valley Lake without fishing? In about 10 days, the first major stocking of rainbow trout will occur. Our lake will receive 500 pounds of fish every other week throughout the fall and most of the spring. This is a real treat for many local anglers who want to catch trout and never leave the city limits. The urban license is $16 a year, which allows you to catch a four-trout limit. This is required of all anglers 14 years and older. Younger fishermen are not required to have a license and may catch a two-trout half limit. This is a great way to introduce children to fishing and have a very positive family experience, and be only five minutes from home.

This weekend, take a short drive to Green Valley Park and see all the opportunities it can provide for a family outing after work or anytime.

Take advantage of Green Valley Park and enjoy God's creation!

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