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Q: What is the population of Payson itself, not counting outlying areas?

A: U.S. Census Bureau records indicate that the population of Payson within the corporate limits was 13,620 in 2000. That number is up 23.8 percent from the 1995 special census figure of 11,004. The 1990 decennial census figure was 8,377.

According to thinkAZ Payson's current population is estimated at 14,500.

The Town of Payson, general plan update created a population timeline for build-out of its available land base, assuming no resource constraints.

2005 = 16,345, 2010 = 19,070, 2015 = 21,795, 2020 = 24,520

Q: I had my window knocked out when a non-licensed contractor was using their weed cutter on the side of the road. He refused to pay. Is it legal for that person to be hired? Can he refuse to pay?

A: An accident of that type is not a police matter, said Don Engler, police commander. Any job that is both under $750 in labor and materials and also does not require a building contract is informally know as the "handyman exemption," said Marie Levie, assistant director of the Registrar of Contractors. Any one hired for that type of job would be a legal hire.

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