Wildlife More Important Than Stray Cats



Regarding the article "Friends of Ferals attacking problem humanely" (Sept. 30 Roundup). This has to be the most asinine approach to solving the problem of free-roaming, unwanted cats one's imagination could conceive.

Stray cats are not a part of the natural environment. Using the trap-neuter-return method would only allow these released cats to continue to wreak havoc on the local wildlife populations. Most at risk are chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, songbirds and small game birds.

Common sense would only dictate that these stray cats should be trapped and euthanized as humanely as possible.

Appealing to people to practice responsible pet ownership has not worked either -- as evidenced by the overwhelming number of stray cats in our area, according to newspaper articles.

I strongly believe that protecting our dividing wildlife populations is more important than protecting the lives of unwanted stray cats that continue to destroy these populations.

If you agree with me, please let your opinions be heard.

Dick Sizemore, Payson

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