Council Should Reverse Water Decision



What is the quickest and best way for the Star Valley water problem to be finalized?

Almost 2,000 registered voters living within Payson have signed a referendum which calls for a vote from the residents of Payson to decide if water outside the town limits, and within the community of Star Valley, should be taken from Star Valley to Payson. The vote is scheduled for March 4, 2006.

The Payson Town Council should reverse their vote authorizing a payment of $750,000 for delivery of Star Valley water to Payson and vote for a cancellation of the Horton, et al subdivision contract until such time that a subdivision would have sufficient water from within the town limits without taking an abnormal supply of water from another community, possibly endangering their water supply and possibly causing dry wells. This decision would make the town council members and the town manager look much better in the sight of the residents of Payson who, by the referendum, show that they do not favor this type of water sale and transfer from a neighboring community's water supply.

The Star Valley property owners on whose land the transfer well was drilled should also cooperate in this reversal and cancellation process, realizing that such abnormal amounts of water transferred to Payson would not compare with normal usage.

Do the registered voters of Payson really want a $750,000 purchase of water from a Star Valley property owner's well? If this water transfer is allowed, then more "pirate-type" wells from other Star Valley property owners would probably be drilled and even more Star Valley water transferred, possibly endangering the very life of Star Valley.

This reversal and cancellation process is the only moral and ethical way to handle the Star Valley water problem.

William R. Kollenborn, Diamond Point

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