Teens A New Breed



America has bred a new variety of human. This new variety is uncaring, mean-spirited, and, worst of all, ignorant. They are turning this country into a third-world slum. They are supposed to be the future? I'm specifically talking about teenagers.

State universities are failing in teaching those children who pay thousands of dollars to have "quality" education. From experience, I know that colleges are nothing more than an extended day-care service. I am a student at Indiana University, and I am outraged by the amount of money I pay for an instructor to read a book to me. I can do that myself!

These classes are not teaching students to think critically; rather, they have become a socializing session. These classes feed kids information and have them regurgitate it for test. They have not learned, but only memorized. Going to college and getting average grades does not make anybody an educated person, despite popular belief.

While millions of children are studying diligently in China and other countries, our American ‘students' are partying and drinking. Imagine the anger the American teenagers, who thought they received a "superior" education, will have in the future when they see other country's students surpassing them.

Alicia Baker, Bloomington, Ind.

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