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Q: There was an abandoned car at the post office for at least five weeks. It has a ticket on it. Why wasn't it hauled away? It was an eyesore.

A: Police volunteers tagged the vehicle, said police commander Don Engler. "Usually we don't tow them unless there is some hazard. The postal service is considered private property, so it is its responsibility to have it towed."

Towing companies in town do not want to tow the car because it is not worth it to them to go after the abandoned title, said Kathy Almendarez, postmaster. Almendarez had to apply for the abandoned title herself. When she received it, the post office paid to have the car towed and hopefully donated to some needy organization.

Q: Are APS employees entitled to take their huge trucks home?

If not, I know of one employee doing just that and it's an eyesore to the neighborhood.

A: Yes, they are allowed to. Usually you see a pickup truck rather than a large bucket truck; those only go home under certain circumstances.

Jess, APS Customer Service Representative

Q: Can Payson Regional Medical Center give "clot buster" or TPA (tissue plasmenigen activate) injections?

A: "Yes, but anything that you need to have done must be done through a doctor's orders."

Corey Houghton, Marketing Director, Payson PRMC

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