Council Doesn't Get It



It would appear, from the signed petitions objecting to the Star Valley/Diamond Point water issue, that the Payson Town Council just doesn't get it.

The nearly 2,000 signatures collected represent approximately half the people who actually vote in major elections. The number also represents only a few short weeks of canvassing, indicating that a clear majority of Payson's residents prefer not to "steal" their neighbors' water.

Mayor Brewer can say, "We are not stealing anybody's water" (Oct. 7 Roundup article), referring to "a land use plan" and the town's "Corporate Strategic Plan," but she never quoted the part in the plans where we would take Star Valley's water to accomplish those goals, nor was that specific idea approved by any Payson voter. It was agreed that new developments were contingent upon provision of a new water source. Star Valley water is not a new source. Since Mr. Horton is proceeding with his project as this letter is written, what will happen if he is denied? Will he sue the Town of Payson? Who will pay for that? I have a wild guess -- all of us who live here.

By all means, let's add another 1,000 families to Payson's infrastructure (water, fire, police, streets, etc.), and in five years we will need 1,000 more. The town is always back-pedaling. We can't take care of what we have now! Mr. Henley exhibited in his full-page article (Oct. 7 Roundup) $750,000 in building fees collected in 2004. Are our streets now repaired as a result of this "landslide" income? The answer is no. Oh, and then we must also pay the $750,000 over a seven-year period for the "excess water flow."

Any council member, regardless of the testimony of experts, should have erred on the side of caution on this one. Caution that if those experts are wrong, hundreds of people will lose everything they have if, ultimately, the Star Valley/Diamond Point wells go dry.

Lynne Golliglee, Payson

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