Payson's Growth Wrong



It is all right for a town to grow as long as it has everything it needs for the newcomers, and as long as it does not hurt any person or any living being.

In the case of Payson, it does not have water. To take water from Star Valley is morally wrong when the people in Star Valley do not want them to. Why? Because eventually, if Payson takes the water, there will not be any for the residents of Star Valley, the wild animals, the trees or for Payson.

Another truth is that Payson will eventually grow like Phoenix and the crime rate will increase.

Right now, Payson is considered a perfect small town for retirees, and for people to stop to shop on their way to the Rim to camp.

Small as Payson is, it is attractive to those who want to come and charge their human batteries on their vacation after a long, hard year of work in Phoenix.

This is why it is wrong for Payson to continue growing.

Guadalupe Pratt, Star Valley

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