Pedestrians Need To Use Caution



Recently I was driving in the area of Sherwood Drive and Manzanita at night, when a car coming from the opposite direction blinded me with its high beam lights.

I was looking toward the side of the road, and just as we were about side by side, I saw a pedestrian wearing dark clothes walking toward me. I had nowhere to go. Very fortunately, the walker saw me and jumped out of my way.

There are so many close calls like this. I would like some kind of program to wake people up to the fact of how dangerous it is to walk our very narrow, dark streets wearing dark clothes and not carrying a light or having iridescent stripes on clothes.

If you don't drive, you don't realize how dangerous it is. Thankfully, this individual was walking on the left (correct) side of the road facing traffic. If he weren't, I would have hit him.

Constance Swanson, Payson

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