'Psychiatrist' Example Misleading



Your article on funding for senior scholars contains the lead statement, "Courses offered in Arizona's community college system may be taken to pursue a career, such as becoming a psychiatrist ...."

Becoming a specialist in the treatment of mental disorders (i.e. a psychiatrist) requires three to four years of pre-med college preparation, four years of medical school to obtain an M.D., followed by four years of postgraduate specialty training as a resident physician. I doubt there are any "senior scholars" contemplating such a career.

A clinical psychologist requires four years of undergraduate college followed by two or more years of post-graduate training in psychology, followed by a one year clinical internship. Again, I think few "senior scholars" would contemplate such a new career.

And in neither case does the community college system offer an appropriate step toward any "senior" contemplating such a career.

Russell D. Martin, M.D., Strawberry

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