Put All Water Matters On Ballot



Subject: Water

Why not adopt a city ordinance requiring that any matters pertaining to water development, water restrictions or water commitments be submitted to the voice of the people? It appears that all the debates boil down to people who want to make money versus the citizens of Payson. It seems that the major/only matter of contention is water. In the middle is the town council.

It appears that the town council's job is to determine ways to take the limited amount of water away from the citizens of Payson and give it to the new folks who want to make money.

To wit: "Oh, you want to grow grass for a golf course. OK, we'll get it by not allowing the people to have any new lawns. And, let's see, if they already have lawns, we'll up the rates so they can't afford to water them. That should spring loose enough water for your golf course."

Or, "Oh, you want to build a casino; fine, we'll not let the people wash their cars. That should provide enough."

Or, "Oh, you want to make a bundle off your vacant lot? Fine -- we'll take the water from Star Valley."

Has the town council ever said, "Sorry, allowing folks to have vegetable gardens is the greater good. The people ought not to have to sacrifice just to increase your bank account!"

I imagine the specter of doing what the people desire might scare the pants off the town fathers. As in, "What do those dumb people know?" Nevertheless, does anyone have any better ideas for stopping the "water wars?"

Lynn Godfrey, Payson

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