The Truth And 21st Century Science



When people around the world accept the fact that evolution is a fact, and the big bang is the real beginning of the universe, we may see something resembling peace in this world.

Most encyclopedias now explain evolution as a fact.

The National Geographic Society and IBM, with the Genographic project, have shown conclusively that our species began in Africa. Astronomers, and others, have shown that the hydrogen from the big bang was the beginning of a chemical process that resulted in the formation of all the elements of the periodic table.

Mathematicians and others in the physical sciences have shown that the laws of physics are just as Einstein and Newton proclaimed.

When these truths finally are accepted, most will have to give up their belief, or faith, in the supernatural God of the Torah, Bible, Koran, and most other religious documents that proclaim a supernatural God. Hopefully, many of the disagreements on religious dogma, such as homosexuality, abortion, preserving life beyond one's wishes, and others, will be accepted as personal choices, not to be made by others.

Larry J. Kluth, Mesa

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