Didn't Mean To Offend



I wrote a letter to you a couple of weeks ago that seems to have offended a "retiree." My point was simply that a person who works in the Valley, or who is retired, does not help our community grow. Yes, they are spending their money here in Payson, but they don't work here. How can a community grow without a work force?

Furthermore, I was asked, "Where have I been all this time"? The answer is in the Valley. Wasting water like the rest of the lowlanders. I have only lived here for about five years, and in that time have become aware of the water situation in all of rural Arizona.

On a much grander scale: The answer isn't Blue Ridge or Star Valley well water. It's all of rural Arizona fighting SRP and the desert communities to get our water back.

It's pretty frustrating to live in a town that averages more than 20 inches of rain a year, but my kids (ages 3 and 4) have to play in a crushed granite yard.

Paul Brandenburg, Payson

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