Don't Cover The Arena



I am concerned about what is about to happen to the Payson Event Center. It is under discussion about making it an indoor arena. It sounds great, but only one problem. The local barrel races can't afford it -- such as the Mogollon Montoneras, and Payson Parks and Rec. We have been doing these series for a very long time and feel we have a right to be able to ride in the arena. It is, after all, an arena, so it should be available first to horse people, not the fancy boat shows or monster truck rallies.

When we were moved from the old arena to this one, it was promised that it would always be open to the public. I should expect that it hasn't changed over the years. Please don't deprive us of this promise. If the baseball players can have a field, then we should, too! After all, it was the horse people who donated labor and materials to build that arena. If we built it, why is it even an option that we should be left out?

Skye McNeeley, Payson

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