Extra Charge Unfair



I just spoke with a representative of the Payson Water Department, and I thought I should alert you to an issue that will be of interest to your readers.

Starting next month, those of us who pay our bills electronically will be charged a $5 fee for that privilege.

It was explained to me that they must regenerate a bill for these payments and thus charge their customers for the "extra work" involved.

I submit that all they need to do is enter the payment amount into the computer file, as they do already and forget the charge. It is not my fault the town has not seen fit to update their procedures, because the banking community will accommodate me with electronic statements; surely the town would deserve no less.

It is a specious argument that they must have a paper record of every transaction. I think it's just another attempt to raise rates, without going through the process that would involve public hearings.

It seems the town has forgotten that it is because of us they exist, not the other way around!

Richard Prince, Payson

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