Get A Second Opinion



At the Friday special council meeting regarding the referendum on water from Star Valley to Payson, it seems that the town council members are determined to thwart the will of the voters by relying on the opinion of an outside attorney.

His opinion is that the referendum should not to be honored by the council, and a vote by the people should not take place.

It is interesting that the outside attorney, specifically sought out by the council, is the one who lost a similar case for the city of Scottsdale. However, he supports the council's position, which is similar to his losing position in Scottsdale.

It would seem prudent to have an opinion from the attorney who won the case for the referendum supporters. This should be done before the council commits itself to a position that it may not be able to support; that position being an outright rejection of the referendum.

Walter Babecky, Payson

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