What's Up?


Q: When is the town going to complete Rumsey Drive, the road that goes behind Wal-Mart and is supposed to connect with McLane. When Wal-Mart was first built, I thought the road was supposed to be finished fairly quickly, and it's been years now.

A: Rumsey Drive is the responsibility of the developer (Echo Homes). The town is working with them on that project and hopefully it will happen soon, but it is on the developer's time schedule. It was not the responsibility of Wal-Mart to put that road in.

LaRon Garrett, town engineer

Q: When are the lines and arrows going to be painted on Frontier Street in front of the post office?

A: When we did the slurry seal, there were several areas where striping wiped out, and we are coming back to restripe them as quickly as we can.

LaRon Garrett, town engineer

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