Forest Cleanup Continues With Burns



Tuesday was a very busy day in Tonto Village. The U.S. Forest Service had prescribed burns along the Control Road. They were burning slash that had accumulated and piled up along the road. At times, the wind blew the smoke over the village, and visibility was down to zero.

As this was going on, a new Cavco home was being delivered to Jake and Kendra Garrett at the end of Johnson Boulevard, and then the rains started making it more difficult to place the two halves on the lot because of the muddy conditions. The drivers who placed the home in the lot were purely professional. They accomplished the difficult task with hardly a hitch.


Tonto Village looked as if it were going up in smoke this past Tuesday. The U.S. Forest Service was busy with prescribed burns along the Control Road. There were many slash piles to burn, and when the wind blew the smoke covered most of Tonto Village.

Meeting television personalities

Bill and I went to the Zane Grey museum opening at Green Valley Park this past Saturday. What a wonderful place. Payson is so fortunate to have developed such a beautiful area and then included the museum. The whole experience was a memorable one when we spotted Bill Close. Bill was the news anchor at the television station KOOL-TV, which is now Fox Channel 10. Bill has retired and now lives in our beautiful part of the universe. My husband and I were regular viewers of KOOL-TV and proceeded to let Bill know that we were regular viewers of his news program. We enjoyed our brief conversation with Bill and mentioned that we had also met Steve Bodinet this summer. Steve also worked for the television station when Bill Close was there. Steve works for KTVK, Channel 3, and he narrates many of the outdoor stories in our area.

Get well

Charlie Terry is now home after a nasty bout with pneumonia. Charlie will need to take at least a one-month vacation, according to his doctor. There will be no welding for Charlie for a while as his lungs recuperate. We all wish you a speedy recovery, Charlie.

Lonnie Flores of Colcord Estates is recovering at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix after a bad spill on his quad last week. Lonnie and his wife are regular visitors to the Double D Restaurant. In fact, Terry worked at the restaurant for many years. We wish Lonnie the best and hope that he and Terry will be back visiting at the Double D soon.

Tonto Village Fire District Auxiliary

Last week I mentioned there would be a Haunted House at the Fire Station. The date has been changed to Oct. 29. The time has also been changed to 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Fire Sirens tell me, "We want to scare you before Halloween night!" Donations of treats for the Tonto Village kids will be appreciated. The treats may be dropped off at the fire station Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

A few of the volunteer firemen went on an elk hunt this past week and were very successful. Jeff Shaw, Buck Shill, Buck's dad, Harry Shill, Nick Fitch, Jake Garrett and his son-in-law, Scott hunted near Hutch Mountain, Area 5-B North. They all came home with good-sized elk cows. Scott bagged the largest one, which weighed in at 265 pounds. Congratulations to all of you. There will be a lot of elk steaks grilled for a while to come.


Doug Paul of Tonto Village II will add another candle to his birthday cake on Oct. 22. I understand Doug has a huge sweet tooth. Pat Andreas of Tonto Village III will celebrate his day on Oct. 24. Karen Ochsenbein will have her big day on Oct. 25, and her mom, Ruby Terry, will celebrate her birthday on Oct. 26. Oct. 29 is Shirley Clausen's big day. A big Happy Birthday to all of you.

Pool results

Joe Ferrera took first place in the Sunday afternoon pool tournament. Joe works at Kohl's Ranch as a cook. Bo Douglas and Michael Bryan shot for second and third places. The Double D nine-ball gals played at the Landmark this past Tuesday. When the chalk dust settled, the Christopher Creek gals shot for first and second place. The lucky winners were Shelly Hansen and Pat Adams. Betty Koutz of the Double D shot for third place. Better luck next week, gals.

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