Goats Aren't Gone



This is in regard to Mayor Brewer's comment that "the Forest Service has taken away the goats." As the person who owns and operates the goats on the American Gulch Allotment, I want to make it clear that this is a fallacy and I would like to correct this statement.

I am working very closely with the Forest Service, and they have been wonderful to work with. They have not removed the goats, nor have they forced us off. We are still there with around a thousand goats.

At present, we are approximately a mile from the golf course in Payson and working our way back to the mine and around to Oxbow Estates. We have sold the allotment and are selling a few of the goats due to financial challenges.

We are also currently contracted with the Pine/Strawberry Fire Department, and the goats will be there for a few years.

Jackie Begay, Payson

Editor's note: Mayor Barbara Brewer's comment was made Oct. 3 during a town hall-style forum in Payson featuring District 5 legislators. A recap of the forum was published in our Oct. 7 article, "Rural voice not heard by urban lawmakers."

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