Support The Community College



I am an 85-year-old widow. I attended school in my youth.

In Mexico, I was a grammar school teacher. When I immigrated to this country in 1939, I lived in Pasadena, Calif. and raised my family.

Later, when my youngest child left for kindergarten, I enrolled in nurse's training and became a nurse. I was a nurse for 19 years until I suffered from an injury that ended my nursing career.

Two years ago this month, I moved to Payson. I have enjoyed this community, and I am happy to be a taxpayer in Gila County.

This semester, I enrolled at the Payson branch of the Gila County Community College to take a class in beginning computers. My instructor is Mr. Longfellow, and his instructions in the mysteries of the computer have been very insightful.

The Internet has been opened to me. I can now e-mail my children and grandchildren, not to mention friends and neighbors. I can research health issues, political issues and even do shopping from my own workstation at home.

I do not understand those anti-Gila County Community College individuals who continue to try to dismantle this community college. I understand that it would be better if the campus were full of young people; there is no question that our young people need to be well educated. But the question is, do the citizens of Payson want a "community" college that serves all the community, or just an extension of the local high school? There are many senior citizens and adults in Payson who would benefit from a continued education. Maybe if the community supported our community college, our young people might also wish to attend the college.

Ernestina T. vda de Reza, Payson

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