Grand Opening For High-End Electronics Store


Televisions with digital light processors (dlp), engine performance readers, depth finders and custom vehicle speaker enclosures are just some of the electronic products available at Rim Sight and Sound.

"‘See and hear what you've been missing' is our slogan," said owner Terry Oakley of the business he opened just a month ago. "We want to inform Payson residents that they don't have to drive to Phoenix for their audio visual needs."


Dan Groeneveld, manager, and Terry Oakley, owner of Rim Sight and Sound, invite consumers to stop by the new store to see and hear their high-quality televisions and audio systems.

Plasma televisions and dlp televisions are store specialties. They start at 42 inches wide. The picture one sees on a plasma screen is created by gasses.

DLP is another of the new technologies. It uses a Texas Instruments chip with more than a million mirrors that light reflects from to create a picture, Oakley said.

Both high-end products have the same life span, and Oakley does not believe the picture of one is better than that of the other. Picture preference belongs to the consumer, he said.

High definition picture quality is becoming more readily accessible, adding to screen clarity.

The main television and home theater lines sold by Rim Sight and Sound are LG and JVC.

Oakley says LG is the Number One electronics company in the world and he likes them because they are one of only four manufacturers who make their own glass, making them a leader in the field.

"We are excited about bringing this type of quality to the mountain because this is all new technology and where this industry is headed. We are comparable in pricing to the Internet and large box stores.

"We can even go into a home when it is in the frame stage of construction and install the wiring for home theater systems. The television may be hung on the wall if that is what the customer desires."

Oakley has been in the appliance and electronics business for 20 years. He owned a store in Show Low for seven years, and more recently was a manufacturer's representative for LG.

He chose a man to work with him in his new venture who has turned an electronics hobby into a career.

If a customer wants a Kenwood or Alpine audio system installed in their vehicle, store manager Dan Groeneveld is the man to see. He brings 17 years of experience in installation with him.

"There is no place on the Rim that will sell good quality equipment for your car and install it," Oakley said.

Groeneveld sells and installs alarms and engine performance readers in cars and fish finders in boats.

"We install drop-down, flip-down DVD or television monitors in your vehicle's ceiling, dash or headrest," Groeneveld said. "We can install pretty much any aftermarket accessories, like laser and detectors."

Door poppers are a hot new item for people who want to open their door by pressing a button on their key.

For the cost of equipment, starting at $50, and a monthly fee, consumers can have satellite radio, either Sirius or XM, beamed into their car.

Higher end units allow one to listen by taking the unit from car to home to belt loop.

"Three really nice things about satellite radio: there are no advertisements, you get about 150 channels -- from talk radio to top 40 and everything in between. Plus, you can listen to your music in areas that a regular radio doesn't get reception."

"We are not out to clean anyone's wallet out. We are here to educate and build a clientele in Payson. We want people to be able to afford what they have," Groeneveld said.

"We want people to come in and when they leave say, ‘Wow, we were treated great,'" Oakley said.

Rim Sight and Sound is at 214 W. Main St., Payson (928) 472-7550. Store hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The grand opening celebration, with prizes and more, is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22.

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