How Can Someone Say There Is No God?



God, up close and personal.

I remember a night on a camping trip years ago. Everyone else was asleep. I could hear tiny beetles pop off the pine trees onto the tarp beneath my sleeping bag. The stars glittered above the huge ponderosa pines, and a single airplane blinked and droned its lonely way across the sky.

I felt lonely, too and very small. Then I remembered Jesus' words in the Bible about the creator of all -- who knows when a sparrow falls, and (who) has the hairs of my head numbered. Jesus is the one who brings God up close and personal.

Science teaches us to observe and reason. Anyone who can watch an orange and gold Arizona sunset or look up at the stars, and (who says) there's no God, is blind and a fool. That's in the Bible, too.

Charlotte Casey, Payson

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