‘Kids' Victim Of Crime



The Payson Community Kids' car was stolen Thursday or Friday night from our center, located at 300 West Wade. I donated this vehicle to the children's program last year.

We have insurance, but you cannot replace a 1990 Honda Civic that has been taken care of and runs great, with very good gas mileage, new tires, windshield and a full tank of gas.

I will miss the memories of the kids in this car and all the things we did together. Our program is a crime prevention effort, yet we have been the ones who suffer most from the crime in this town.

I hope our kids will not grow up to be such losers who steal from women and children, or anyone.

The car was locked and in front of our home. I know the Honda is long gone, but we would like to have it back, and it makes me feel better with people looking for it and caring.

We had already promised it to 12-year-old Stephanie if she remained crime- and illegal substance-free until she was 16. It would have been painted and new carpet and upholstery put in. It would have really been a celebration. A criminal took that away from all of us.

By the way, the officer who came to the house on Saturday and took the report was so helpful. He didn't act like an old car was stolen. He was very sharp and kind. I know many of the officers through my work with the town and kids' program. I can add another name to my list of police officers who are very much respected.

Last Monday, Judge Cahill sentenced the criminal who broke into my home. It took three-and-a-half years. He got 4.4 years, with the added sentence for breaking felony parole. I guess I got to live my life without being a victim of crime for four whole days.

I must also reiterate my utmost admiration for Judge Cahill and the compassion and intelligence he showed at my day in court. The county attorney and the probation office restored my hope for the judicial system. I learned a lot from the judge and hope that I can be as fair-minded and kind. He is my role model and someone I look up to now that I have seen him on the bench.

Marcy Rogers, Payson Community Kids

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