Time To Curl Up With A Good Book



With cooler weather just around the corner, we can look forward to curling up on the couch with a warm drink and a good book. What better place to find that really good read than your local library? For your reading pleasure, we process more than 100 new books a month. This doesn't count audio books, DVDs, paperbacks and all the other publications that come to the library.


"A Wedding in December" by Anita Shreve: At an inn in the Berkshire Mountains, seven former classmates gather for a wedding. Bridget, the mother of a 15-year-old boy, is marrying Bill, who was her lover at Kidd Academy years ago. Nora, the owner of the inn, has agreed to host this reunion of her old friends, a group that was once close as only high school kids can be, but was scattered by a tragedy that occurred just before graduation. It is a disparate group that gathers in the winter light. Throughout the weekend, the guests uncover the choices and chances that have transformed them in the years since high school and delve for the first time into what really happened the night that changed all their lives. A stirring novel about unions and reunions, the choices we make, and the endless allure of paths not taken.

"City of Falling Angels" by John Berendt, author of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil": Venice is portrayed as a city of masks and riddles, as captivating as it is elusive, the city teeters in precarious balance between endurance and decay. The story opens on the evening of Jan. 29, 1996, when a fire destroys the historic Venice Opera House. Arriving three days after the fire, Berendt becomes a kind of detective, inquiring into the nature of life in this remarkable city while gradually revealing the truth about the fire. In the course of his investigations, he encounters a rich cast of characters. It is a tale full of atmosphere and surprise, ultimately coming together to portray a world as finely drawn as a still-life painting, revealing the city of Venice in all its magic, mystery and decadence.

"Missing Mom" by Joyce Carol Oates: Nikki Eaton, single, liberated and economically self-supporting, has never thought of herself as a daughter, yet following the unexpected loss of her mother, she undergoes a remarkable transformation during a tumultuous year that brings sorrow, wisdom and even, from an unexpected source, nurturing love. This is Oates' story of missing her mother. One day, in a way unique to you, it will be your story too. This is a candid, intimate, engaging, personal novel.

"Shalimar the Clown" by Salaman Rushdie: Set in Los Angeles 1991, Maximilian Ophuls, one of the makers of the modern world, is knifed to death by a mysterious figure who calls himself Shalimar the Clown. The murder looks at first like a political assassination, but turns out to be passionately personal. This is the story of Max, his killer and his daughter and of a fourth character, the woman who links them all. It is an epic narrative that moves from California to Kashmir, France and England and back to California again. Spanning the globe and darting through history, Rushdie's narrative captures the heart of the reader and the spirit of a troubled age.

"The Europa Conspiracy" by Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips: This is the third book in the Babylon Rising Series. It begins when Michael Murphy heads to the ancient city of Babylon in pursuit of one of the most famous and mystifying of Biblical prophecies: The Handwriting on The Wall. But the closer he gets to deciphering the true meaning of Daniel's ancient message for our troubled times, the closer Murphy comes to a shattering confrontation with the forces of darkness that will cause the earth itself to tremble. LaHaye once again shows his thrill a minute storytelling and deep understanding of the Bible.


"A Week in the Life of NASCAR" from the publishers of NASCAR Scene: A view from within takes you beyond the "Restricted" and "Authorized Personnel Only" signs into a world of unlimited access, a 360-degree view of racing. The book offers a firsthand look at NASCAR's frenetic pace through the eyes of drivers and teams from Hendrick Motorsports MB2/MBU Motorsports and Haas CNC Racing. Witness everything from pre-race prep talks from behind closed doors to the final post race inspections. Although only the driver emerges from the car in the victory lane, it takes an army of people to capture the checkered flag. You meet "carpetwalkers" and shop gurus; go to testing and see how some of NASCAR's best drivers live between races.

"Pillsbury Fast and Healthy Cookbook" is filled with easy, quick and delicious recipes and beautiful color photographs. The book presents 350 of the best recipes from Pillsbury's "Fast and Healthy" magazine and proves how simple and appealing healthy eating can be. It provides irresistible recipes, informative sidebars, tips on storage and selecting ingredients, substitution ideas and shortcuts. There is a thorough introduction with recommended dietary guidelines, how to calculate serving sizes, a glossary of nutrients and much more. With many recipes requiring 30 minutes or less of preparation time, and all tested and written to be successful every time, eating right has never been so easy, or tasted so great.

"Flameworking" by Elizabeth Ryland Mears: Learn how to manipulate hot glass to make beautiful flame-worked shapes and objects that you'll assemble into larger sculptural and functional pieces. These techniques are the most accessible way to begin working with hot glass and are fully explained in this book. If you already have some experience, you'll find many new techniques. The detailed and easy to follow exercises, brought to life by sophisticated projects, will enable you to build a series of skills with each one you complete.

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