We Have To Take A Stand



First, let me apologize for any negative comments made in an article in the Oct. 18 issue of the Roundup. It was not my intent to inflame or publicly point the blame in any one direction -- certainly, not toward Buzz Walker, Fred Carpenter or the Town Council, all of whom I have a great deal of respect for.

However, having said that, I feel quite strongly that the people and businesses of Diamond Point and Star Valley are in danger of losing their wells, their property value and maybe much more. The most recent hydrology report, as shown here, http://diamondstarwater.org/22201.html, seems to bear this out.

This is not mere conjecture or unreasonable fear. This is a real possibility. As president of the Knolls Home Owners Association, I felt it was my duty to join forces to try to protect our water and our property values. In fact, some months ago, I tried to bring both sides to the table and succeeded. There seemed to be a great deal of agreement when we parted. However, as these things happen, there was far too much distrust and the talks bore little fruit.

I, like all of you, love Payson. I am a third generation Arizonan, and I chose Payson 14 years ago as the place where I would spend my remaining years. I want nothing but the best for Payson and the Rim Country.

However, I consider this a moral issue; one where really big money is stacked against the little guy. And so, I take my stand. It really has nothing to do with growth or no growth. I simply feel that a great many people in the Diamond Point and Star Valley areas could be taken advantage of. There currently are no safeguards in place.

And here is an even bigger issue. What is to keep the town from buying "excess" Star Valley water? They already have offered $750,000 and "their" hired outside lawyer says it's all legal. What is to keep all of Star Valley and Diamond Point from being water mined? How about a dozen wells sending 3,000 gallons per minute to the town? How about two dozen? Oh, I don't mean this year. But how about in five years?

You see, this has already happened in California -- remember Owens Valley water going to Los Angeles? How about now where Las Vegas neighbors to the north are having their water mined and sent to Vegas?

We are all in this together, folks, and we have got to take a stand. Please, think about it.

Steve Bingham, Payson

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