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Q: What's up with all the water standing at Green Valley Park in the playground area and in the grass near the picnic tables? Standing water is not healthy for children to play in and hard to have a picnic when the grass is all wet.

A: "We are adjusting irrigation levels at this time of year, trying to work out of the summer irrigation schedules where we need a lot more water. As we go into the winter, we need less water and eventually no water for a couple months of the year.

"Within the playground itself, there are French (perforated pipes surrounded by rock) drains underneath the sand that are supposed to allow the water to penetrate the sand and then flow out through some underground pipes that occasionally get plugged. In the last week or so we have been working on getting everything opened up so the water does drain."

Nelson Beck, supervisor of parks, Payson Parks and Recreation

Q: Are there building codes regarding how many buildings can be on a one-dwelling property? There used to be in the 1980s, but now when I drive through town I see all these old trailers and campers that have been hooked up to homes with electricity. Don't we have an ordinance against this? It really is beginning to look trashy around town. It even looks like some people are renting out their sheds. I pass by one house every day with about 10 vehicles, and I know several families are living there.

A: "There are zoning codes. In an R-1 District is single family residential which allows one per lot, unless you have a conditional use permit that allows guest quarters," said Ray Erlandsen, zoning administrator for the town.

Trailers and campers hooked up to homes depend on the situation, he said.

"We have some situations in town where we have some legal nonconforming, grandfathered situations where they've been there forever. We don't allow it to happen anymore. You can't live in an RV," said Erlandsen.

Alleged zoning violations may be reported to Sheila DeSchaaf, code enforcement person, building and zoning department at (928) 474-5242, ext. 1 (Half her time is spent on enforcement and the other half on planning issues.)

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