4-H Participants Bring Home Honors


The young men and women in 4-H did northern Gila County proud at a number of events this year.

Community members also gave them terrific support.


A proud youngster poses with his prize-winning livestock at the Northern Gila County Fair.

In September, the Northern Gila County Fair resumed after a two-year hiatus. The 4-H award winners in the horse show were Jr. All-Around Noelle Gordon, and Novice All-Around Michaela Perry.

The Northern Gila County Fair also had a traditional livestock auction. The results were as follows:

  • Grand Champion Hog: Joey Sprinkle (Pine Livestock Club), his animal weighed 213 pounds and was purchased by Kathy Stevens.
  • Grand Champion Steer: Kevin Marks (Picture Mountain 4-H Club), his steer weighed 1,117 pounds and was purchased by Jim and Corey Johnson.
  • Reserve Champion Market Hog: Bethany Sprinkle (Pine Livestock Club), her hog weighed 232 pounds and was purchased by Margaret Bullard.
  • Reserve Champion Steer: Doug Marks (Payson FFA), his steer weighed 1,108 pounds and was purchased by Jean Roberson.
  • First-place Market Rabbit: Ashley James (Pine 4-H Rabbits), purchased by AZ Rim Sales.
  • First-place Market Goat: Katrina Kueny (Kueny Family 4-H), her goat weighed 95 pounds and was purchased by Jackie Begay.
  • Second-place Market Rabbit: Nerissa Kueny (Kueny Family 4-H) purchased by Jackie Begay.
  • Third-place Market Steer: Amanda Howard (Payson FFA) her steer weighed 950 pounds and was purchased by Cliff Potts.
  • Third-place Market Hog: Jessy Wedell (Payson FFA), her hog weighed 289 pounds and was purchased by Andrew Sproul.
  • Fourth-place Market Hog: Breianon Miller (Payson FFA), her hog weighed 272 pounds and was purchased by Rebecca Hibbitts.
  • Fifth-place Market Hog: Amanda Haworth (Payson 4-H), her hog weighed 216 pounds and was purchased by Wade Parker.
  • Sixth-place Market Hog: Shannon Wedell (Payson 4-H), her hog weighed 251 pounds and was purchased by Andrew Sproul.
  • Seventh-place Market Hog: Carly Haworth (Payson 4-H), her hog weighed 207 pounds and was purchased by Jackie Begay.
  • Eighth-place Market Hog: Destiny Wagenknecht (Payson 4-H), her hog weighed 187 pounds and was purchased by Jackie Begay.

The showmanship at the fair was as follows:

  • All-Around Showmanship Award: Doug Marks
  • Grand Champion Showmanship Hog: Shannon Wedell
  • First-place Showmanship Rabbit: Ashley James
  • First-place Showmanship Goat: Katrina Kueny
  • Second-place Steer Showmanship: Kevin Marks
  • Reserve Champion Showmanship Hog: Breianon Miller
  • Second-place Showmanship Rabbit: Nerissa Kueny
  • Third-place Showmanship Hog: Jessy Wedell
  • Fourth-place Showmanship Hog: Joey Sprinkle
  • Fifth-place Showmanship Hog: Bethany Sprinkle
  • Sixth-place Showmanship Hog: Amanda Haworth
  • Seventh-place Showmanship Hog: Destiny Wagenknecht
  • Eighth-place Showmanship Hog: Carly Haworth

The Payson Rough Riders 4-H Horse Club had several members who qualified for the state 4-H Horse Show held Oct. 21 through Oct. 23 at West World in Scottsdale.

The Payson 4-H members who placed at the state show were:

  • Shea Nelson, third place in Western Riding.
  • Noelle Gordo, 10th place in Western Reining.
  • Jordan Hunt, sixth place in Working Hunter, seventh place in Working Hunter over fences, ninth place in English Bareback.
  • Rachel Weatherly, second place in Working Hunter over fences, seventh place in Hunter Hack, ninth place in English Showmanship.
  • Scout Harper, third place in Working hunter over fences, eighth place in English Equitation, third place in Working Hunter.

Also participating in the state show were Carly Haworth, Amanda Haworth and Noble Tanenhaus.

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