'Dewatering' Is A Fact



Having been a longtime area resident, I have heard many times over the years -- and we're all hearing it again now -- that the town of Payson won't impact neighboring wells. I can tell you, first hand, that is not true, because they dewatered my well when I lived in Payson.

Most of this has come from Buzz Walker, but now some on the town council are repeating the same rhetoric.

Councilman Henley stated, at a recent meeting at the library, that the town could run their 35 to 40 wells without dewatering anyone. So, he concluded, they must know what they're doing.

I have heard of many others who have experienced the same dewatering I have. The town is most definitely having an impact, and history has proved it. We just need to pay a little closer attention to the historical facts.

At this time, I think it would be beneficial to encourage all local residents who have had or have heard of a similar situation to log onto the Diamond Star Water Coalition Web site and let us know about your experience. The Web address is www.diamondstarwater.org. You can also call (928) 474-3937.

By sharing your name, address and personal experience, we will be able to compile a list to share with the council in an attempt to keep them informed of what really has gone on historically here. I left Payson and moved to Star Valley because of what they did to me there. I don't want them coming out to Star Valley to do the same thing.

Phil White, Star Valley

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