Generosity For Evacuated Dogs Terrific



It has been a busy week in our dog world. An awful lot of people, each in their own way, are doing wonderful things for the Katrina dogs being cared for at the Buddhist Sanctuary.

A woman stopped by the dog park early Saturday morning on her way to work. She donated a check in the amount of $100. Others have given doghouses, bedding, dishes, treats, leashes and whatever else is needed. Many have gone out to volunteer. Among the regulars making the difficult trip are Tom and Mary Sander. This week they hauled out a donated trailer, which will be used for storing dog food and other items. They and others are happy to bring other volunteers with them.


Megan, Gibson and Higgins are proud of their new tags. They were microchipped and licensed at Dog Day in the Park.

A couple of representatives from the Buddhist Sanctuary were at the pet fair on Saturday with photos of dogs ready for fostering. They talked with lots of people and answered many questions. They have about enough doghouses and blankets. What they need are people to foster dogs, financial help and volunteers. They said people have been so giving, so wonderful in responding. They are very grateful.

If you can volunteer some time, or would like to hitch a ride with other volunteers, contact Donna Rokoff at (928) 474-1542. There is no way the few volunteers at the Buddhist Sanctuary can personally say thank you for all the wonderful donations of time, money and needed items. But you can be sure they and the dogs greatly appreciate them.

Mary Sander told me about a dog she walked recently. What he really wanted was to sit under a tree and have Mary talk with him and give him personal attention and petting.

Jeb Bush, governor of Florida, said in a news report that he learned from Katrina that you cannot evacuate people and ask them to leave their pets behind. They just will not go. Our pets are part of our family. Leaving them behind is not an option.

Dog Day in the Park was a success. It was great to see the children and their dogs working for ribbons and having fun. These youngsters have certainly grown up over the past four years that we have had the pet fair. Many commented on the way the kids handled their dogs and how well-behaved the dogs were. We did not have one dogfight.

The booths attracted lots of interest and there was much to learn and many products to see. Lots of T-shirts and bakery goods were sold. It was a beautiful day. Three dogs, maybe four, were adopted from the Humane Society. A total of 17 dogs were microchipped, several were licensed and quite a few dogs went through the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International testing. Most passed.

One particular girl who I have watched mature during these past years is Jessica Ruttle, and her beautiful, snow-white dog, Gus. Jessica took Gus through the CGC/TDI course. They passed. Gus is now a certified therapy dog. Jessica now has a new puppy in training and plans a career in dog training. We are all very proud of Jessica and Gus.

An important note -- anyone who had their dog microchipped at the pet fair needs to contact the Humane Society to complete some paperwork. Call Cristy at (928) 474-5590. This was a fund-raiser for the Humane Society. Please call right away. Many thanks.

I would like to thank our judges who did an exceptional job with a most difficult task. Judges were: Richard Haddad, Payson Roundup; Michelle Powers, Powers Animal Care; and Linda White, dog trainer. They appeared to have a good time. I also would like to thank our masters of ceremony. Jim Bradley did a great job during the morning events. Dave Dalton of KMOG Radio helped with gusto in the afternoon. He reluctantly left us to appear at another event. Thanks to all. And a thank-you to all the vendors who spent the day with us.

Christy Powers is a columnist for the Payson Roundup. She can be reached by e-mail at or by snail mail at HC1 Box 210, Strawberry, AZ 85544.

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