New Hunting Costs Unfair



This is in response to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission's proposed price increases on licenses and tags, and the unfairness of proposed hunts that will be awarded only to those more able to afford application to "Premium Hunts" set aside for the richer folks.

We all know increased funding is necessary from time to time; all we ask is that increases be fair.

Surveys have shown that if the "Premium Deer Hunts" of $150 are implemented, more than 15 percent of the hunting families in Arizona could not afford to participate on these hunts. The same surveys show that more than 25 percent of the hunting families in Arizona could not afford a $350 "Premium Elk Hunt."

These same families, for years, have supported Arizona Game and Fish with their purchase of licenses and tags, only to be told that due to their economic status, they can no longer participate in the better hunts. How on earth can this be allowed to happen?

A simple $10 increase across the board would produce more money than the "Premium Hunts," and would certainly be more fair.

The ethics and mentality of a used car salesman is the last thing the residents of Arizona need when it comes to the setting of license and tag fees.

If you, the hunting population of Arizona, do not take the time to contact your legislators on this issue, you will have no one to blame but yourself when you see the prime hunts going only to those with deep pockets.

Don Van Camp, Alpine, Ariz.

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