Western Heritage Festival Was Fantastic



What a memorable day it was for many children in the Payson Community Kids group at the Western Heritage Festival in Green Valley Park Oct. 15.

First, they shared flowerpot painting and planting with any other children. Vicki Van Camp, L.Q. III "Jim" Harris, Marge Sullivan and Emmy Perry were great helpers for the project.

Thank you, Plant Fair, for your planting donations.

During the excellent music, our Payson Community Kids were humming, singing, dancing and clapping. Most amazing to all children present was watching and hearing those two quiet young boys playing their guitars with drummer Ron Gibson. What an inspiration for children to see others their age play music so well.

Many of the Payson Community Kids have visited the Heritage Museum in the past, but they were just as curious and interested this time around. There are more displays at every visit, so they always want to go to the museum. When a child wants to go to a museum, what a prize that museum is.

Because our kids are very well-behaved, I knew they would be careful and respectful in the Festival's crowning glory -- the Zane Grey cabin replica. The cabin representatives were so patient and kind in explaining the cabin and kitchen furnishings. They gave the "history lesson" on a child's level. They even teased the kids with questions such as, "What could that be for? Do you know why? How do you think that works? Would you like a bathtub like that? How can that piano play by itself?"

They learned an immense amount that day and, as with the museum, the Payson Community Kids can't wait to go back to the Zane Grey cabin replica.

We adults also had a most enjoyable day at the festival, joining in the fun, visiting with folks we don't often see and absorbing this year's presentations.

Our big kids and middle kids can be counted on to help our little kids, so we were thrilled at such a happy event. Everyone we saw was smiling, laughing, having a great time.

People were so very impressed about the whole "doin's." Bet me they'll be back!

To all of you who put together the 2005 Western Heritage Festival, you've done yourselves proud. The Payson Community Kids were enlightened, delighted and excited, as were the people of all ages attending. For this, we all thank you for this wonderful experience.

Ellenja Perry Hayes, Payson

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