Fed Up With Insanity



Several of us from Payson Pines attended the Planning and Zoning meeting on Oct. 10 to consider re-zoning the eight acres between Home Depot and the Ponderosa Baptist church for 30 condos. The commission was told by town staff, which recommended the rezoning, to not consider water.

Why not? If it's zoned for two houses, but it's escalating to 30 homes with toilets, showers, etc., it makes a big water difference. Are the developers sneaking in little subdivisions before they get to the big 100-homes jobs for the Valley builders?

Then, as we left the meeting, we saw the sign already on the property -- "30 Condo Sites For Sale." Is this presumption? Will the staff-recommended rezoning be rubber stamped at the Oct. 27 council meeting, or will three citizens be allowed their precious three minutes to speak against this insanity?

I'm fed up with the "end around" plays by the majority of the town council supported by their Phoenix lawyer.

Barbara Brewer is suddenly concerned about the costs of a recall, but did we get the Phoenix lawyer up here for free? I don't think so.

Speaking of money, I'm sending $50 to the gallant Community-Based Government, 217 E. Highway 260. PMB 200, Payson, AZ 85541, and I invite more to join me in supporting the government of the people.

Ed Blair, Payson

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