Health, Care Fair A Chance To Help Self, Others


If you can, take advantage of health screenings or find an organization to volunteer with at the Community Health and Care Fair.

Volunteering is exercise for the heart and mind. It gets a person out into the community to share their talents and gifts. It is also an opportunity to socialize and learn leadership skills.

Here in Rim Country opportunities to do good works abound. There are service clubs -- Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions and Soroptimists to name a few.

Most of the ministers I interviewed for the church series told of opportunities within their churches to help both members and nonmembers.

The Food Bank can always use volunteers to sort and bag food, but especially around the holidays.

Hospice volunteers are there to comfort the dying.

There are volunteer opportunities to assist youth as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and at the New Beginnings Pregnancy Center.

Volunteering promotes the health of any community.

But one needs to be healthy enough to volunteer.

One of the first components in taking charge of one's own health -- whether by traditional or alternative methods, or some combination of the two -- is knowing the baseline of what is considered healthy.

By taking advantage of the many free and low-cost screenings at the fair, one can discover that baseline.

There are good reasons to do this, selfish and altruistic.

Selfish: I am going to take charge of my life and be as healthy as I can be because when I feel good I am able to enjoy the things and people that make me happy. When I am enjoying these things and people, my mental health is also affected positively.

Altruistic: My good health allows me to have the time to be the person who takes care of others literally or by volunteering. What comes around generally goes around, so when I am the one who needs care, others may be there for me.

There is wisdom in good health.

I invite you to, at the very least, sample a portion at the Community Health and Care Fair, from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, Nov. 5 at the old Payson High School gym.

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