Hospital Staff Tested At Skills Fair


Halloween was the theme for this year's skill recertification fair at Payson Regional Medical Center. "We understand the need to keep our clinical staff skills up to date, but we want them to have fun while they are doing it," said Lynn Sommars, director of education and patient care relations who dressed as a clown for the event.

Clinical staff, respiratory, nursing, pharmacy and all direct patient-care providers participated in the fair. Participants had a variety of goals: demonstrating their knowledge base; increasing nursing skills; and obtaining exposure to new equipment purchased for patient care.


Glen Jackson and Ty Jones have their medical skills recertified at the Payson Regional Medical Center's Skill Fair.

Emphasis is placed on skill performance, physical assessment and care of patients with specific health issues.

The fair featured 16 stations, providing everything from critical care for patients with cardiac or respiratory problems to infection control.

The primary focus was on pediatric care. One entire room was dedicated to pediatrics, highlighting pediatric growth and development and caring for the hospitalized child. PRMC purchased a new infant mannequin for specialized critical care demonstrations.

The skills fair was held over a two-day period, giving clinical staff a chance to participate and break away from their usual routine. Some staff members also competed in a pumpkin carving contest as part of the event.

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