Log Home Builder Offers Variety


Several years ago, Wes Carlock obtained a marketing degree from Arizona State University and decided that entering the family's import-export business was not the direction he wanted to take.

He wanted to build homes. And not just any homes -- log ones.


Wes Carlock

So Carlock is bringing Whisper Creek Log Homes to Payson.

"One of the things I studied was niche markets," he said. "Building log homes is a niche market within the state. I really felt that log homes, with the convenience to the Valley and with the depreciation that we've all seen from around the state and around the country, they're something that a lot of people desire -- that getaway home.

"What better place than Payson?"

Entrepreneurship was molded into him. Carlock's parents started their own business 20-odd years ago. His aunt and uncle own their own business. He sees having his own business as "a great opportunity to dictate my own life, my own style."

The 24-year-old said he wanted to prove himself. He didn't want to be handed anything he hadn't earned.

It is a philosophy of integrity he said he practices with his clients.

"I hold my business close and dear to my heart. To do this at my age is something you don't see a lot -- people taking that risk. I have to drive to see my client's projects through and see my business be as successful as possible."


The Elk Ridge is one of the 50 different models Whisper Creek Log Homes has available.

He was working with Whisper Creek Log Homes in Pagosa Springs, Colo. when he had the opportunity to purchase the Gila County franchise.

A couple of different things set Whisper Creek homes apart from the competition, according to Carlock.

The price point is one of the differences. To be able to build a home at around $100 a square foot, excluding land, makes it accessible from a price standpoint to 99 percent of buyers who are considering the purchase of a home, especially with today's prices at $180 per square foot or more to build.

The build time is another difference, he said. After the order is placed, the components can be delivered to the buyer's foundation and erected in about seven days. The home is move-in ready in about three months.

Normal custom builds are nine months to a year, Carlock said.

There are more than 50 floor plans available, with customizable options.

Whether designed as a primary residence or recreational cabin, all the homes have the appearance of a traditional ‘full log' product.

Carlock opened for business in September. So far, he has started four homes for clients. He will soon be starting on his fifth home in Payson. The home will be nearly 4,000 square feet and is located in Chaparral Pines.

"Whisper Creek is a national company, becoming one of the largest log home builders in the country," Carlock said. "I can supply my clients anywhere."

He is currently commuting from Scottsdale to make certain his clients are getting exactly what they want, but plans to move to Payson next year.

"What I bring to the table, my work ethic of seeing client's projects through, will dictate my overall success," he said.

To find out more about Whisper Creek Log Homes, call (480) 861-8434, or visit the Web site, www.wclh.com.

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