Pine Country Antiques And Vintage Has New Owners



"Decorations can go from our Christmas trees to yours," said Maureen Garlausky and Lorna Pietrantonio, new owners of Pine Country Antiques and Vintage.

If you hail from Bucks County, Penn., apparently a love of antiques is in the blood.

Owner and former Bucks County, Penn. resident Sandy Fox has sold Pine Country Antiques and Vintage to Maureen Garlausky and Lorna Pietrantonio, also from Bucks County.

"We have been collecting antiques for many years," said Garlausky.

She said her knowledge and that of Pietrantonio concerning antiques comes in part from immersion. They have lived in Pennsylvania and New York, where most furniture manufacturing originated, Garlausky said.

The suburbs of Philadelphia have more original homes dating back to the 1700s than anywhere in the country.

"I studied architecture and furniture design in Pennsylvania and I'm in the process of getting an art history degree," said Pietrantonio.

The women originally thought of opening a business back East, but by getting to know Sandy, they said they saw a good opportunity to make a permanent move to Pine.

Twelve vendors have their vintage glassware, antique kitchen collectibles and furniture in Pine Country Antiques and Vintage.

"The store is best known for furniture and we will be bringing in more inventory," Garlausky said.

The additions will include an Eastlake Pier Mirror and a freestanding mirror meant originally to stand against the wall between two windows.

Furniture reproductions like Chippendale, Queen Anne and Hepplewite continue to be manufactured because they have class and style.

Furniture shoppers looking for an authentic vintage piece of furniture, be it a colonial revival table or the banded inlays and tapered legs of a Hepplewite sideboard, should look for integrity in the original piece, said Garlausky.

She encourages would-be purchasers to look at the quality of construction in the furniture. She said they should ask: Is it sturdy? Has it been refinished? If it has been, that does not necessarily mean it loses its value. It depends on whether the restorer took care and used the right finishers. Polyurethane negatively affects value because it cannot be removed.

Garlausky also does custom framing and builds furniture to specifications for customers. Her personal favorite styles to build are Shaker and Mission.

"Antiques make great gifts," Garlausky said. "Our store is hosting a holiday open house Sat. Nov. 5 and Sun. Nov. 6.

Pine Country Antiques and Vintage is located on the west side of the Beeline in Pine at 4078 Highway 87. The telephone number is (928) 476-2219. The store is open daily, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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