Town Won't Clear Weeds



I just got off the phone with a town engineer. To make a very long story short, I have been trying to get weeds cleared behind my home and four others in Woodland Meadows Phase 1. It hasn't been done in two years.

Our board has a letter, written by the town, stating it is the town's responsibility.

The town, however, has neither the time nor manpower to do so. In addition, I have an empty lot next door to my property that is full of weeds. Based on the town's mindset, there is no way they can legally enforce some property owner to take care of their weeds, since the town can't take care of their own.

So, since potholes are at the head of the list, the weeds continue to blow into my yard. Apparently, my only recourse is to hire a maintenance company to do it, but I can't file for reimbursement by the town.

If the town is in such dire straits, why are we buying water for developers?

I know, another subject for another day. And the wheel goes 'round and 'round.


Nancy Volz, Payson

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