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Q: If the incorporation for Star Valley goes through and is successful, will it stop Mike Horton's water line going from Payson to Star Valley?

A: Depends on who you're talking to. The town of Payson claims it won't, but the Diamond Star Water Coalition and local attorney Art Lloyd say there are several ways to stop Horton and the town from taking their water to build new subdivisions in Payson. Most notably, the coalition says the new town will be able to impose a tax on every gallon of water that leaves Diamond Star, and they can make that tax so high that it would no longer make economic sense.

Q: A recent trivia question in the Roundup identified Zane Grey as the man who invented the curve ball, but "Candy" Cummings is credited with that distinction by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. What's up with that?

A: Our research shows that Cummings does, indeed, have a plaque in the hall crediting him with inventing the curve ball in 1867. But tour the Rim Country Museum's Zane Grey exhibit and you'll see a photo of Grey in uniform next to the claim that our local hero was, indeed, the inventor of the curve ball. "Never heard of ‘Candy' Cummings," Zane Grey Cabin Foundation President Dick Wolfe said. We suspect there may be other claimants to the distinction as well.

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